Monday, March 25, 2024

Get the Lʘʘk: Laura Osnes' Fashions from Great American Family's "Just in Time"

I am so excited to share with you all some of Laura Osnes' fashion seen in Candace Cameron Bure's Presents: Just in Time. I love that Great American Family is celebrating Easter with a faith-inspiring movie. The movie is premiering Tuesday, March 26th. See some of Laura's clothing and the movie's storyline below.

Laura's Floral Dress
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Storyline: In Just in Time, Hannah (Laura Osnes) and her husband, Rowan (Greyston Holt), have focused all their time, energy, and attention on trying to have a baby. The pressure to complete their family starts weighing heavily on their relationship. The couple is left questioning if having a child is the right thing to do and if they are still right for one another. When Hannah receives a call from a stranger named Franklin (Peter Bryant), who claims to have discovered an antique on the beach bearing an inscription unique to Hannah and Rowan, she reluctantly agrees to meet him to look. Franklin is certain the watch is a long-lost heirloom from Hannah's family. In the end, Franklin's patient approach helps Hannah see that the answers to all she seeks will be revealed in God's time.

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Happy Blessed Easter!

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  1. I love Laura’s dress in the poster. Can’t wait to see this movie! ✝️

    1. I love that dress too! I am so glad I found it and could share it with you all.

      My family will be watching the movie together tonight, which is so special!


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